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Greetings 🙏🏾

Welcome to my digital space. I am JT Singh, operating at the confluence of emerging urban landscapes, global progress, the realm of experimental visual arts and urban futurism.

My explorations span the globe, with a particular emphasis on urban Asia. My journey has involved a comprehensive examination of China's vast metropolitan dynamics, leading up to a pivotal shift in 2023, where I began to navigate the complex narrative of India's rapid urbanization and its unfolding economic revival.

Online, I'm recognized for short films that radically alter our perception of cities in the global south. My work strives to reveal the intricate, nuanced stories of urban environments, serving as dynamic catalysts for foreign investment, public diplomacy, global trade and cultural exchanges. This mission has enabled me to engage with visionary urban leaders across major cities including Toronto, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Tianjin, and Tokyo, to name a few.


My contributions have garnered attention in publications such as TIME, VICE, Bloomberg, The Guardian, China Daily, National Geographic, BBC, The Atlantic, among others.

At present, I am deeply involved in groundbreaking art projects and the development of real urban spaces at and

Stay tuned for the unfolding narrative ahead.


JT Singh


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