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Hi, I'm JT Singh.

I PIONEER INNOVATIVE APPROACHES FOR techno-economic development, SPECIFICALLY FOCUSED ON helping new and emerging cities compete for hard, soft AND SHARP power.

I was an early pioneer in developing frameworks and tools for cities that comprehensively develops their global positioning in THE AGE OF all-out EXTREME GLOBAL COMPETITION BETWEEN CITIES AND STATES. This part of my work has a new home at + while this site will focus more on my art, which by the way frequently overlaps with my techno-economic development work.

My clients include major governments and companies within the smart-city/urbantech cluster. While my work spans globally, I have a special focus on Asia, the indo-pacific and the americas.

moreover, I'm also an award-winning inter-disciplinary artist. 
My studio is an applied research lab exploring experimental mediums to understand the mega theme I call: the geo-techno-economic-urban industrial complex. In other words, the complex kinetic anatomy of globalisation and the socio-technical systems that are shaping our modern environments.

My art work has been featured in: (TIME, VICE, BLOOMBERG, THE GUARDIAN, CHINA DAILY, ETC).

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