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I am JT Singh, an explorer at the intersection of emerging cities, techno-economic competition/war, and experimental visual art.

My explorations span the globe, with a special focus on urban Asia. Over the years, I have particularly delved deeply into China's urban realities, gaining a profound understanding of hundreds of Chinese and Asian cities. My attention has shifted more towards India, where I am immersed in its rapid urbanization and economic resurgence, which I believe will become Asia's most powerful nation in the coming decades.

Online, I'm recognized for short films that radically alter our perception of cities and nation-states in the global south. My work strives to unveil the intricate, nuanced stories of socio-technical and economic environments, seldom known to the West. This mission has connected me with visionary urban leaders of major cities such as Toronto, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Tianjin, Jakarta, and Tokyo, to name a few.


My contributions have garnered attention in publications such as TIME, VICE, Bloomberg, The Guardian, China Daily, National Geographic, BBC, The Atlantic, among others.

Currently, I am deeply involved in personal art projects and the development of new cities at and

Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead.


JT Singh


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