Narrative Economics

JT SingH LABS is part media lab, part RESEARCH LAB, and part ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT consultancy for for urban areas and regions around the world.

JT Singh

JT Singh is a Canadian place-brand architect, urban-geographic explorer, trans media artists and next-generation thinker about the value and impact of 21st century cities and their 'city-zens'. His rigorous reconnaissance of hundreds of emerging cities, have added up to an advanced course in the intricacies of global competition and on where ‘things are heading’ for the world order around cities.


Massive strategy


JT Singh is regarded as the founding pioneer and preeminent expert on "City Branding". A highly specialized discipline for cities to plan and manage their regional, national and international narratives through a socio-spatial and economic lens. JT's high-level advisory spans globally. Notable clients include the municipalities of: Shanghai, Tokyo, Toronto, Pyongyang (North Korea), Tianjin, Jakarta, Fuzhou, Vilnius and as well as numerous companies within the smart city services cluster (transportation, construction, urban agriculture, waste management, etc). Clients also include numerous urban districts and large-scale property developers throughout the world. 

Cinematic Memetics


JT is a multi-award winning media artist—through his globally recognizable short films that profoundly capture the socio-technical-spacial nature of cities. His pioneering style of intimately capturing city life has inspired an entire generation of film makers, including Hollywood level directors of whom JT often consults to. You can learn more about JT's media art from global media coverage, including the: BBC, Time, National Geographic, CNN, Washington Post, VICE, Al Jazeera, Mashable, Quartz, China Daily, The Guardian, etc. and all major Chinese language media outlets.



As a complex systems thinker and creative force, JT is sometimes invited to share his views at public agenda-setting events worldwide, including: the World Economic Forum, New Cities Foundation, Mori Institute for Urban Development, Colombo Infrastructure Summit, TED, etc. His talks are largely focused on remaking societal narratives and paradigms for greater human and economic wellbeing that is robust, equitable, and enduring. 

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