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JT Singh Quotes

"There are emerging stories on offer—capitalism is not the only game in town."

"It’s not about if or when the world will collapse. It’s already collapsing everyday. Acknowledging this reality is key to creating wholesale change."

"Transform big data into big understanding."

"The real problem with grand strategy is that it is not grand enough."

"Cities are manifestations of public policies"

"People don’t care what you say, they care what you build."

"Radical changes require a very bold and radical set of proposals. But proposals that are bold and radical are always a challenge to stability."

"World changing is a team sport."

"The way you and I are designed and behave is completely the consequence of the environment we find ourselves in."

"The international system creates inevitable: clashes of civilizations."

"Cities are structured to destroy civilization."

"As a human species, we do an astonishingly shitty job at analyzing and discussing the serious issues facing our world." 

"The world needs solutions, not soundbites."

"How do we know how we’re doing as humans? We look at our cities." 

"Instead of saying, uhh this world is too complex, I don’t get it.  Let’s say, hi let me figure this out. Let me make sense of this. Because all global problems are actaully “figureoutable” if we try hard enough."

"The best is ever-evolving. So don't get trapped into "best-practices" fact, most best-practices become worst-practices."  

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